Friday, August 12, 2011

It is.

Steve went off to the Florida Keys today with his father. I'm excited for him and am excited to hear all about his trip.  Tomorrow I'll pack up Lily, Rowan, myself, and a week's worth of our stuff (an entire car full) and will drive down to South Dakota to spend time with my family- at the lake-and at Story Book Land. I'll take pictures of everything and will rest my head.

This morning, I woke up and spent time with the kids for a while.  Rowan ate some fruit and oatmeal- Lily had some waffle and a banana.  I let the dog out, drank some coffee, and am more convinced than ever that love is everywhere.
I think I'm coming off of a year or two of not feeling very 'love is everywhere-y', actually.  I was happy with my children and happy in other areas- kind of.  But I didn't really feel much, now that I look back.  I think I just felt worried and closed off and kind of yucky.  Today, though, I definitely feel different.... good, not worried - happy, in fact! 
This morning Lily got a boo-boo on her hand and I kissed it.  Rowan has been trying to cut a tooth forever and I'm able to make him feel better.  I can give hugs and kisses and smiles- and can change things.  Simple.

Downtown Fargo

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