Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Steve and Erin get married

I suppose I should post a few pictures of our March 15th ceremony in New Orleans?

Don't be disappointed, but I have very few pictures of the whole week- and apparently even less of attendees!

 For some reason my photos aren't sending from my phone, so here's what you get!! Reverend Jerry Schwem kindly performed our ceremony and was a delight.

I'll post again soon.


Sunday, March 3, 2013

surgery and fears

Rowan has surgery on April 3rd for a Vagal Nerve Stimulator implant. We'll travel to Gillette Children's and he'll stay for four days. Not totally sure how I feel about it...

It's an interesting thing to have to make decisions for a child who cannot make them for himself- or give you an indication of whether it's the right thing; whether it will help. We have to depend upon the direction of his Neurologist and the feedback from other parents of children with Lissencephaly.

Right now Rowan seems to be regressing. He isn't as strong or as verbal as he normally is. This has been going on the past few months. We all suspect it's due to his growth which, of course, affects the success of his medications.  This is no big deal, really, but it reminds me that we're dealing with a brain condition for which there really isn't much help. Sometimes when he's doing so well, it's easy to live in the bubble of growth and change and progress. I find myself thinking he'll shock all of the scientists and researchers with his strength and abilities... then the regression and I'm taken back to what really is.

If I were honest, I'd say that I wonder sometimes if all of the therapies work. I know they work for a while, but does he benefit from them? Does he enjoy them? And then I wonder if some of the therapists are really there to help, or are they just looking for billable hours? You may think this is harsh, but when you're the mother of a child with severe disabilities, you think these things. Sometimes it seems he's overwhelmed with therapies. He gets tired, and when he's so focused on the physical, we lose his verbal skills. He seems quieter and more introverted the weeks he has three or more therapies.

Don't think that I would ever deny him anything helpful- in fact, there isn't much I wouldn't give this kid.... But there has to be a balance. I want give him the things he enjoys- the things that will make him feel better, happier, more comfortable. Fact is, he will not walk. I question whether he will even sit. That said, I do want him to be happy and to enjoy stretching and those things that will help his body to feel better. I'm sure I'm making no sense, but it's helped me to write down.  I don't want to push him for my benefit. I always want to do what is best for him.

Row is getting big. He wants to be held like a baby, and I love doing that for him- my back and neck are paying the price. I wonder how much longer I can hold him in ways that comfort him. I am sure we'll all adapt to his growth, him included.

It may seem like I'm down- and I think I am. I'm worried about him, about the upcoming surgery, about the unknown. I understand how to navigate what we've been through, but have no idea what will happen in the next year.

I belong to a Lissencephaly group, and I see parents lose their kids after desperate battles... unexpected ones. I'm scared for that. I wonder when the day will come we'll have to fight that battle...

So- yeah. I'm sorry if you were expecting a more positive post. I've just been scared lately.