Thursday, August 25, 2011

The lake

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was leaving with the kids to visit my parents in South Dakota last week while Steve fished with his dad in the Florida (Flordida, per Lily) Keys.  The first day we arrived, we all visited for a bit and then packed up and headed out to the lake.  I was excited for Lily to be able to run around a bit and get dirty- and for Rowan to have some Grandma/Grandpa time. 

Grandpa and Lily played with blocks on the deck.  Lily wanted him to build a house around her arm, obviously... They had a nice time.  He stacked em' up and she knocked em' down.   It was fun to watch.

Grandma and Lily snuggled in the mornings. I love this picture... Sleepy mom and sleepy Lily.  Two girls who make me who I am and who I love so so much.

Lily wasn't the only one who got snuggles.  Grandpa and Rowan sure had a lot of fun together.  Rowan learned to touch his feet for Grandpa and loved to talk to him and smile.  I think my dad was happy to have a captive audience-especially one who thinks he's great. 

One morning I took Lily to the top of the hill with my camera.  The sun had been up for an hour or two and the air was warm already.  I wanted to take some pictures of some plants and of the landscape. 

I'm sure you won't be surprised that I ended up taking loads of pictures of her.

Here is my favorite.....


Friday, August 12, 2011

It is.

Steve went off to the Florida Keys today with his father. I'm excited for him and am excited to hear all about his trip.  Tomorrow I'll pack up Lily, Rowan, myself, and a week's worth of our stuff (an entire car full) and will drive down to South Dakota to spend time with my family- at the lake-and at Story Book Land. I'll take pictures of everything and will rest my head.

This morning, I woke up and spent time with the kids for a while.  Rowan ate some fruit and oatmeal- Lily had some waffle and a banana.  I let the dog out, drank some coffee, and am more convinced than ever that love is everywhere.
I think I'm coming off of a year or two of not feeling very 'love is everywhere-y', actually.  I was happy with my children and happy in other areas- kind of.  But I didn't really feel much, now that I look back.  I think I just felt worried and closed off and kind of yucky.  Today, though, I definitely feel different.... good, not worried - happy, in fact! 
This morning Lily got a boo-boo on her hand and I kissed it.  Rowan has been trying to cut a tooth forever and I'm able to make him feel better.  I can give hugs and kisses and smiles- and can change things.  Simple.

Downtown Fargo

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The sweetest things

Rowan, you're the sweetest human being I know.  I love you so much...
It's raining outside and the kids are asleep.  This blog has kind of consumed me, surprisingly.  I worry about getting it just right- right for the kids-and right for anyone who may read it.  I worry I'm posting too much or that they're not that exciting... but today I've been happy.  Happy with the sweet little family I have in our sweet little house.  (We don't always think it's sweet, mind you) The point is; I've got it good.  I want to try to remember that when I start to feel tense about silly things. I want to be present with my kids and Rowan, you make that so easy.  You are absolutely perfect.  I love you.

Friday, August 5, 2011

A day together.

my Lily
Again, trying out Flickr- Isn't she beautiful, though?  We spent the day together today. We didn't do anything special, but what a gift it is to be able to spend time with each other. Rowan went to Janet's and Lily and I met Steve for pizza.  Then Lily and I came  home and organized her room...  It was a good day.

These feet will take her far

these feet will take her far
I started using Flickr yesterday.  Trying to load larger pictures.  I found this one of Lily's sweet little feet...

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lily got a new bicycle helmet.

Yesterday Lily and I stopped at Target to pick up a few things.  We walked by some bicycle helmets and that's where it all begins...

Any mom knows how difficult it is to resist it when one of your children looks adorable! I had to think about safety... I should also note that Lily cannot yet ride a tricycle. 
She sure loved her new helmet, though, and wore it through the store and through the checkout line.

She also wore it on the car ride home so excited to show Daddy!

And she wore it at home last night.
She was so cute I had to ask her a few questions!

Guess what Lily wanted to put on this morning?? Her new bicycle helmet!  She even wore it to daycare today to show all the kids.  I sure do love her...