Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day at the park.

I've wanted to take some family pictures for a long time.  Finally we had a beautiful day and no pressing commitments, so off to the park we went! The pictures turned out quite nice considering it was our first try. We had great kids, a lovely camera, sunshine, and a tripod... here are the results.

Lily Marguerite - 2 yrs

Steve and Rowan- 6 mos.

Me and Rowan- 6 mos.

Sweet Rowan Reginald


Our first entry

We've decided to start a family blog so that we can do all of the things blogs afford: a way to catalog and store memories and media, give family (grandparents, namely) a place to see the kids growing up so quickly, and so on. Families, especially with young ones inhibiting others' sleeping patterns, tend to lose moments in the shuffle. So here's our attempt at some sort of preservation.

I suppose like any good journal we should do an initial entry, maybe with some info on what we're all doing now.

(this is beginning to sound like a xmas card)

Rowan, the newest Mayer/Hammer family member, is now 6 months old. What a cool kid. He's super relaxed, smiley, pleasant kid. Don't get me wrong; he's a pain sometimes, especially at night! He is great, though. He is rolling over (when he feels like it), eating like a madman, making sounds and cooing at anyone who will give him some facetime, and loves watching his sister play.

Lily is quite the character, as are most 2-year-olds. (Erin writing...) She talks all day long and is really into imaginitive play.  She plays with her animals, her farm, and with a huge dollhouse she got from her grandma and grandpa Hammer.  It's so fun to sit and listen to her tell stories and make little voices while she plays.  And she's so good at playing alone. 
She knows how to count to around 14 now, knows some Spanish- can count to ten and say some other words, can count backwards from 10, knows her colors, shapes, and remembers songs really well.  Smart kid.
Lately I've noticed how difficult it is for me not to give Lily everything she asks for.  I'm working on that.  I think she's got me, because it seems her voice is so much sweeter when she's asking for something... 'Mama, will you help me?' or 'can I have some chocolate milk?' It's so tough to say no. 
Well, now I'm about to sound like that mom, so get ready...She's a really, really good girl.  It's very rare that she's in time out (here, at least), and I can't remember the last challenging day with her.  She is just so much fun to be around. We are so lucky.

Steven (writing this, by the way) is two years into his Ph.D. program at NDSU. He's studying English, and won't go on and on about the details, though his academic training makes it difficult to yield to that temptation. He's teaching composition courses at NDSU as well, and most days don't feel like work. He's pretty active musically, doing lots of writing, as much performing as he can get away with, and spends plenty of time circuit bending old toys and instruments to create new and experimental sounds. He's 30 now, which is weird... He enjoys running, and in the last couple of years has completed a couple of marathons, a half-marathon, and a 50-mile ultramarathon. These days, he sticks to shorter distances and likes running with Lily in the stroller.