Monday, October 20, 2014

update on my girl

I wanted to post a few pictures of a very fashionable girl! As soon as a camera is on her, she gets a goofy smile- similar to her mother, I suppose.

Lil is 5 now and is amazingly smart. Her favorite thing to do is to color. Her favorite food is cake.

She has to wear navy, khaki, white, or light blue to her school, but I try to keep her clothes good and comfey.
Cool striped pants
adorable ruffled pants

Lil got to go to Grandma Gretchen's for the weekend. She made sugar cookies shaped like princess stuff and cooked crepes.  

Lilyism- Last night I noticed she may need to use the bathroom, so I told her to listen to her body and to go into the bathroom. Her reply: 'you're not the boss of my butt'.

That is all.

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